DAY PROGRAM - Individuals are provided the opportunity to engage in activities designed to enhance his or her independence in a variety of areas including daily living, communication, leisure, volunteering and recreation.  An individual's day is guided by his or her desired outcome as identified in the services plan

MUSIC AND ART ENRICHMENT programs are offered at all day program locations. Individuals participate weekly in an artistic program centered on musical concepts, instrumental performance, group singing and even a little dancing! Individuals are also encouraged and provided with the tools and materials needed to produce complete pieces of art work which often go hand in hand with our music program.  The program is 100% inclusive of all Abilities’ service recipients and is a phenomenal resource to inspire creative process.  Our thanks to the Provident Bank Foundation for awarding a major grant of $15,000 in support of the Music and Art enrichment programs.

COMMUNITY INCLUSION activities are offered based on an individuals interest within his or her community.  Volunteering, trips to the bowling alley, outings in the park, shopping, sporting events, museums or libraries are just a few examples of the activities that individuals may request.

JOB CLUB AND SELF ADVOCACY meetings are held monthly for anyone who chooses to participate.

OCCUPATIONAL, SPEECH AND BEHAVIOR THERAPY can be provided on site. Our therapist understand the complex needs of each individual and work as a team to develop treatment plans.

With the evolution of TECHNOLOGY, Abilities has found that it is beneficial to incorporate within its programs training on utilizing computers and tablets.  Individuals who are interested, will have the opportunity to use a computer/tablet for the purpose of educational, therapeutic, or communication activities.


For more information about Day Program please contact or call (908) 689-1118